The Osaka Roll

The Osaka Roll
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**All additional ingredients cost extra
*prices are subject to change
Nigiri pieces(comes in pairs(2) with rice underneath)
Sashimi pieces(comes in pairs(2) without rice)

Nigiri or Sashimi--------------Raw

Toro - MKP(Fatty Tuna)-----------------$MKP
51. Maguro- Tuna----------------------------$4.95
52. Hamachi- Yellow Tail---------------------$5.95
53. Sake- Salmon---------------------------- $4.95
54. Albacore- White Tuna------------------- $4.95
55. Tai- Red Snapper------------------------ $4.00
56. Hirame- Fluke(Flounder)---------------- $4.95
57. Saba- Mackerel-------------------------- $4.00
58. Amaebi- Sweet Shrimp------------------ $6.95
59. Ika- Squid------------------------------- $4.00
60. Kaibashira-Scallop---------------------- $4.00
61. Hokigai-Canadian Clam------------------ $4.50
62. Smoked Salmon------------------------- $4.95

Nigiri or Sashimi---Cooked

63. Ebi-Shrimp-----------------------------$3.95
64. Unagi-Fresh Water Eel-----------------$4.95
65. Tak0-Octopus--------------------------$3.95
66. Kani-Crab------------------------------$3.50
67. Tamago-Egg----------------------------$3.50


68. Ikura-Salmon Roe----------------------$4.50
69. Tobiko-Flying Fish Roe-----------------$4.50
70. Masago- Smelt Fish Roe----------------$3.50
71. Uni- Sea Urchin-------------------------$MKP
72. Uzura- Quail Egg------------------------$2.50
73. Inari- Sweet Tofu-----------------------$3.50

Sushi Bar Specials

74. Sushi Bar 'A'-----7pcs sushi+ California Roll--$19.95
75. Sushi Bar 'B'-----6pcs sushi+ 6 pcs Sashimi--$24.95
76. Sushi Bar 'C'-----18pcs Sashimi with Tuna Roll--$29.95

Sushi Boat Specials

77. Sushi Boat 'A'-7pcs sushi +8 pcs Sashimi +Tuna Roll--$39.95

78. Sushi Boat 'B'-8pcs sushi +12pcs Sashimi + California & Cucumber Roll--$49.95

79. Sushi Boat 'C'-12 pcs sushi +15pcs Sashimi + Tuna, California, and Special roll --$69.95

80. The Titanic- Chef selection of 25pcs of nigiri + 25pcs of sashimi + 3 Rolls----$150.00

Seaweed Wrapped Rolls (6 pcs)

81. Tuna Roll ----------------$4.95
82. Yellow Tail Roll-----------$5.95
83. Salmon Roll---------------$4.95
84. Futo Maki Roll ( Japanese pickled vegetables, avocado ,fried egg, crab)------- $5.95

Tamaki- Hand Rolls (1 pc)

85. California Hand Roll--------$5.95
86. Spicy Tuna Hand Roll------$5.95
87. Unagi Hand Roll------------$6.95
88. Yum Yum Hand Roll-------$5.95

Vegetable Rolls

89. Vegetable Roll--All vegetables----$4.95
90. AAC Roll-avocado, asparagus, cucumber---$4.95
91. Asparagus Roll--------------------$3.75
92. Avocado Roll----------------------$3.50
93. Kappa Maki---cucumber----------$3.00
94. Sweet Roll--sweet potato, avocado---$4.95

Classic Rolls (Served as 8-10 pcs)

1a. California Roll (crab, cucumber, avocado, masago)-5.95

1b. Spicy California Roll* (California w/ spicy orange sauce)-$5.95

2. Spicy Tuna Roll* (spicy tuna, cucumber, with spicy orange sauce on top)---$6.95

Yum Yum Roll (Spicy crab)--------$6.95

4. Unagi roll (Fresh water eel, cucumber, avocado)----$7.95

5. Baby Lobster Roll* (Craw fish with Tempura flakes)--$7.95

6. Alaskan Roll (Salmon, Avocado)------$7.95

7. Philadelphia Roll (Salmon, cream cheese)----$7.95

8. Smoked Salmon Roll (Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, green onion)----$7.95

9. Lemon Roll (Crab, cucumber, avocado, with lemon on top)----$7.95

10. Dynamite Roll**(5 different kinds of fish mixed with spicy sauce)---$7.95

11. Shrimp Tempura Roll(deep friend shrimp with masago, cucumber,avocado, crab---$8.95

12. Spider Roll (deep fried soft shell crab with masago, cucumber, avocado, crab)------$8.95

13. Crispy Roll( salmon, cream cheese, avocado, masago, whole roll is deep fried)---$8.95

14. Munch Roll( spicy crab, with shrimp, tempura flakes and chef sauce on top)---$9.95

15. Dragon Roll(fresh water eel, cucumber with avocado on top)---$10.95

16. Rainbow Roll (California Roll with 4 different kind of raw fish on top)---$10.95

17. Kentucky Roll( 4 different kind of raw fish, cucumber, and avocado)---$12.95


18. Osaka Roll (Spicy crab, fried shrimp, avocado on the inside with steamed shrimp and mozzarella cheese on top served over a flaming dish with sauce)----$14.95

19. Zacking Roll ( Deep fried red snapper, cream cheese, with crunch and chef sauce on top)---$7.95

20. H-Roll (Spicy crab, fried shrimp with rice reasoning and spicy cause on top)---$8.95

21. Spicy Crunch Roll* (Tempura flakes inside with shrimp and special hot sauce on top)---$8.95

22. Kimchi Roll* (Spicy Korean cabbage with tamago[fried egg], crab meat, and sesame oil)----$8.95

23. Cherry Blossom Roll (crab, cucumber, avocado, with tuna on top)---$9.95

24. Orange Salmon Roll (Crab, cucumber, avocado with salmon on top)---$9.95

25. Ninja Roll (Fresh water eel, avocado, masago, whole roll is deep fried)---$9.95

26. 9-1-1 Roll ** (special mix of spicy tuna, cream cheese, and jalapeno)---$9.11

27. Fire Dragon Roll * (Fresh water eel, cucumber, avocado inside with spicy tuna on top)---$11.95

28. Double Spicy Roll** (Spicy crab inside with spicy tuna and avocado on top)----$10.95

29. Volcano Roll *** (Crab, cucumber, avocado with spicy scallop on top)---$11.95

30. Derby Roll ( Spicy crab, with steamed scallop and shrimp on top)---$12.95

31. Frankfort Roll**(Minced yellow tail, flying fish roe, cream cheese, jalapeno, with spicy chef sauce, whole roll is deep fried)----$11.95

32. Crown Roll **(Craw fish, cream cheese, jalapeno, masago with special hot sauce, whole roll is deep fried)---$11.95

33. Big Mouth Roll (Spicy tuna[deep fried], spicy crab with seaweed powder, masago, and unagi special sauce)----$11.95

34. Giant Roll (Fried Shrimp, tuna, crab, avocado, asparagus, masago)----$11.95

35. Tornado Roll (Fresh salmon, crab, masago, sesame seed, green onion, cream cheese with special chef sauce on top)---$11.95

36. Romantic Roll (Smoked Salmon, crab, avocado, cream cheese, with kiwi on top)----$11.95

37. Triple Tuna Roll * ( Spicy tuna and cucumber inside with Tuna and white tuna on top)---$12.95

38. Pink Lady Roll (Avocado, cucumber, spicy crab inside with steamed shrimp on top wrapped in soy paper) ---$12.95

39. Paradox Roll ( Avocado, cucumber, crab inside with fresh salmon, grilled eel, wasabi and unagi sauce on top)---$12.95

40. Brian Roll (Fried Shrimp, spicy crab, and cucumber inside with steamed shrimp, avocado, and special sweet and spicy sauce on top)---$12.95

41. Lobster A Roll (Steamed lobster, crab, avocado, cucumber with special sauce on top)---$12.95

42. Lobster B Roll (Deep fried lobster, crap, cucumber, avocado, and tobiko on top)---$16.95

43. King Cobra Roll (Yum yum, fried shrimp, cream cheese, asparagus, and fresh water eel on top)----$24.95

45. T N T Roll ( Spicy Tuna, Fried Shrimp, with Fresh Tuna and Sauce)---$12.95


Las Vegas Roll (Five different types of fish deep fried)---$11.95

Flower Roll (Inside: spicy crab, avocado Top: 4 different types of raw fish Middle: Crawfish) ---$15.95

Manhattan Roll (Inside: tuna, avocado Top: steamed shrimp, tempura flakes)---$11.95

Devil Roll (Inside: fried shrimp, tempura flakes Top: spicy crag, 1/2 of an avocado)---$13.95

Boston Roll (Inside: crab salad, fried shrimp, avocado, lettuce Top: tempura flakes)---$14.95

*Spicy **Extra Spicy ***Extremely Spicy
*Prices are subject to change

Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Ingredients

It's been a while since there has been a new post, but we wanted you to know some facts about our sauces.

Our sauces are handmade with the freshest and finest ingredients.
Our Ginger House Salad dressing is our own. It is free of MSG and is the best in Louisville.
Most all of our sauces that we put on the sushi is also all made fresh.
If you want to try a sauce or would like it on the side, we can accommodate your sauce wishes!

[Louisville Osaka]

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look at all the benefits of eating sushi!!!!!!!!!
Sure the restaurant is a business, but we care for your health!!!!!!!
as should you!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Which Roll is Right for you?

All sushi restaurants have the classic rolls such as the California Roll, the Spicy Tuna Roll, the Yum Yum Roll, and the Philadelphia Roll.... these are good rolls, however the art of sushi truly comes out in our special rolls.

Our most popular rolls:

-Derby Roll
-Paradox Roll
-Cherry Blossom Roll
-Orange Salmon Roll
-Zacking Roll
-Triple Tuna Roll
-Pink Lady Roll

Vegetarian rolls:
-Vegetable Roll
-AAC Roll
-Asparagus Roll
-Avocado Roll
-Kappa Maki(cucumber roll)
-Takuwan Maki(picked radish roll)

Pregnancy Safe rolls (there is no raw fish in these rolls):
-Unagi Roll
-Spicy Crunch Roll
-any of the vegetable rolls
-King Cobra Roll
**shrimp and eel is always cooked.

Sushi can be modified.
Add extra ingredients for a small fee and take out other ingredients free of charge :)

Soy paper can be substituted for an additional charge($1)