The Osaka Roll

The Osaka Roll
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Osaka Sushi Sheet

**All additional ingredients cost extra
*prices are subject to change
Nigiri pieces(comes in pairs(2) with rice underneath)
Sashimi pieces(comes in pairs(2) without rice)

Nigiri or Sashimi--------------Raw

Toro - MKP(Fatty Tuna)-----------------$MKP
51. Maguro- Tuna----------------------------$4.95
52. Hamachi- Yellow Tail---------------------$5.95
53. Sake- Salmon---------------------------- $4.95
54. Albacore- White Tuna------------------- $4.95
55. Tai- Red Snapper------------------------ $4.00
56. Hirame- Fluke(Flounder)---------------- $4.95
57. Saba- Mackerel-------------------------- $4.00
58. Amaebi- Sweet Shrimp------------------ $6.95
59. Ika- Squid------------------------------- $4.00
60. Kaibashira-Scallop---------------------- $4.00
61. Hokigai-Canadian Clam------------------ $4.50
62. Smoked Salmon------------------------- $4.95

Nigiri or Sashimi---Cooked

63. Ebi-Shrimp-----------------------------$3.95
64. Unagi-Fresh Water Eel-----------------$4.95
65. Tak0-Octopus--------------------------$3.95
66. Kani-Crab------------------------------$3.50
67. Tamago-Egg----------------------------$3.50


68. Ikura-Salmon Roe----------------------$4.50
69. Tobiko-Flying Fish Roe-----------------$4.50
70. Masago- Smelt Fish Roe----------------$3.50
71. Uni- Sea Urchin-------------------------$MKP
72. Uzura- Quail Egg------------------------$2.50
73. Inari- Sweet Tofu-----------------------$3.50

Sushi Bar Specials

74. Sushi Bar 'A'-----7pcs sushi+ California Roll--$19.95
75. Sushi Bar 'B'-----6pcs sushi+ 6 pcs Sashimi--$24.95
76. Sushi Bar 'C'-----18pcs Sashimi with Tuna Roll--$29.95

Sushi Boat Specials

77. Sushi Boat 'A'-7pcs sushi +8 pcs Sashimi +Tuna Roll--$39.95

78. Sushi Boat 'B'-8pcs sushi +12pcs Sashimi + California & Cucumber Roll--$49.95

79. Sushi Boat 'C'-12 pcs sushi +15pcs Sashimi + Tuna, California, and Special roll --$69.95

80. The Titanic- Chef selection of 25pcs of nigiri + 25pcs of sashimi + 3 Rolls----$150.00

Seaweed Wrapped Rolls (6 pcs)

81. Tuna Roll ----------------$4.95
82. Yellow Tail Roll-----------$5.95
83. Salmon Roll---------------$4.95
84. Futo Maki Roll ( Japanese pickled vegetables, avocado ,fried egg, crab)------- $5.95

Tamaki- Hand Rolls (1 pc)

85. California Hand Roll--------$5.95
86. Spicy Tuna Hand Roll------$5.95
87. Unagi Hand Roll------------$6.95
88. Yum Yum Hand Roll-------$5.95

Vegetable Rolls

89. Vegetable Roll--All vegetables----$4.95
90. AAC Roll-avocado, asparagus, cucumber---$4.95
91. Asparagus Roll--------------------$3.75
92. Avocado Roll----------------------$3.50
93. Kappa Maki---cucumber----------$3.00
94. Sweet Roll--sweet potato, avocado---$4.95

Classic Rolls (Served as 8-10 pcs)

1a. California Roll (crab, cucumber, avocado, masago)-5.95

1b. Spicy California Roll* (California w/ spicy orange sauce)-$5.95

2. Spicy Tuna Roll* (spicy tuna, cucumber, with spicy orange sauce on top)---$6.95

Yum Yum Roll (Spicy crab)--------$6.95

4. Unagi roll (Fresh water eel, cucumber, avocado)----$7.95

5. Baby Lobster Roll* (Craw fish with Tempura flakes)--$7.95

6. Alaskan Roll (Salmon, Avocado)------$7.95

7. Philadelphia Roll (Salmon, cream cheese)----$7.95

8. Smoked Salmon Roll (Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, green onion)----$7.95

9. Lemon Roll (Crab, cucumber, avocado, with lemon on top)----$7.95

10. Dynamite Roll**(5 different kinds of fish mixed with spicy sauce)---$7.95

11. Shrimp Tempura Roll(deep friend shrimp with masago, cucumber,avocado, crab---$8.95

12. Spider Roll (deep fried soft shell crab with masago, cucumber, avocado, crab)------$8.95

13. Crispy Roll( salmon, cream cheese, avocado, masago, whole roll is deep fried)---$8.95

14. Munch Roll( spicy crab, with shrimp, tempura flakes and chef sauce on top)---$9.95

15. Dragon Roll(fresh water eel, cucumber with avocado on top)---$10.95

16. Rainbow Roll (California Roll with 4 different kind of raw fish on top)---$10.95

17. Kentucky Roll( 4 different kind of raw fish, cucumber, and avocado)---$12.95


18. Osaka Roll (Spicy crab, fried shrimp, avocado on the inside with steamed shrimp and mozzarella cheese on top served over a flaming dish with sauce)----$14.95

19. Zacking Roll ( Deep fried red snapper, cream cheese, with crunch and chef sauce on top)---$7.95

20. H-Roll (Spicy crab, fried shrimp with rice reasoning and spicy cause on top)---$8.95

21. Spicy Crunch Roll* (Tempura flakes inside with shrimp and special hot sauce on top)---$8.95

22. Kimchi Roll* (Spicy Korean cabbage with tamago[fried egg], crab meat, and sesame oil)----$8.95

23. Cherry Blossom Roll (crab, cucumber, avocado, with tuna on top)---$9.95

24. Orange Salmon Roll (Crab, cucumber, avocado with salmon on top)---$9.95

25. Ninja Roll (Fresh water eel, avocado, masago, whole roll is deep fried)---$9.95

26. 9-1-1 Roll ** (special mix of spicy tuna, cream cheese, and jalapeno)---$9.11

27. Fire Dragon Roll * (Fresh water eel, cucumber, avocado inside with spicy tuna on top)---$11.95

28. Double Spicy Roll** (Spicy crab inside with spicy tuna and avocado on top)----$10.95

29. Volcano Roll *** (Crab, cucumber, avocado with spicy scallop on top)---$11.95

30. Derby Roll ( Spicy crab, with steamed scallop and shrimp on top)---$12.95

31. Frankfort Roll**(Minced yellow tail, flying fish roe, cream cheese, jalapeno, with spicy chef sauce, whole roll is deep fried)----$11.95

32. Crown Roll **(Craw fish, cream cheese, jalapeno, masago with special hot sauce, whole roll is deep fried)---$11.95

33. Big Mouth Roll (Spicy tuna[deep fried], spicy crab with seaweed powder, masago, and unagi special sauce)----$11.95

34. Giant Roll (Fried Shrimp, tuna, crab, avocado, asparagus, masago)----$11.95

35. Tornado Roll (Fresh salmon, crab, masago, sesame seed, green onion, cream cheese with special chef sauce on top)---$11.95

36. Romantic Roll (Smoked Salmon, crab, avocado, cream cheese, with kiwi on top)----$11.95

37. Triple Tuna Roll * ( Spicy tuna and cucumber inside with Tuna and white tuna on top)---$12.95

38. Pink Lady Roll (Avocado, cucumber, spicy crab inside with steamed shrimp on top wrapped in soy paper) ---$12.95

39. Paradox Roll ( Avocado, cucumber, crab inside with fresh salmon, grilled eel, wasabi and unagi sauce on top)---$12.95

40. Brian Roll (Fried Shrimp, spicy crab, and cucumber inside with steamed shrimp, avocado, and special sweet and spicy sauce on top)---$12.95

41. Lobster A Roll (Steamed lobster, crab, avocado, cucumber with special sauce on top)---$12.95

42. Lobster B Roll (Deep fried lobster, crap, cucumber, avocado, and tobiko on top)---$16.95

43. King Cobra Roll (Yum yum, fried shrimp, cream cheese, asparagus, and fresh water eel on top)----$24.95

45. T N T Roll ( Spicy Tuna, Fried Shrimp, with Fresh Tuna and Sauce)---$12.95


Las Vegas Roll (Five different types of fish deep fried)---$11.95

Flower Roll (Inside: spicy crab, avocado Top: 4 different types of raw fish Middle: Crawfish) ---$15.95

Manhattan Roll (Inside: tuna, avocado Top: steamed shrimp, tempura flakes)---$11.95

Devil Roll (Inside: fried shrimp, tempura flakes Top: spicy crag, 1/2 of an avocado)---$13.95

Boston Roll (Inside: crab salad, fried shrimp, avocado, lettuce Top: tempura flakes)---$14.95

*Spicy **Extra Spicy ***Extremely Spicy
*Prices are subject to change

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